Creative Pathways Bursary 2017

Now that a few weeks have passed since the end of Somerset Arts Weeks 2017 I’m just going to reflect a little on what being a recipient of a Creative Pathways Bursary has meant for me. I was commissioned to make an Artist Book in response to a location with mentoring by an experienced artist.

As a result-

  • It has been a great boost to my confidence and a good motivator to make work.
  • It has given me the opportunity to explore in depth the range and diversity of what an ‘Artist book’ can be, and to practice and develop some of the practical skills required.
  • It has given me the experience of working to a commission and the negotiations required to make sure the brief has properly understood, and then developing work according to a certain time scale.
  • It has been great to have the guidance of a mentor with such a wealth of experience.
  • As well as providing a new platform for my work, it has given me the experience of being part of a bigger project and the opportunity to be involved its preparations.
  • During the event I helped steward on a number of days which enabled me to talk with visitors and get some direct feedback on the work.
  • It enabled me the opportunity to spend time in creative and environmentally sensitive location at an opportune time so as to experience an ancient meadow at what must be its peak time – alive with insects and wild orchids.
  • Through spending time at Dove and as part of the Creative Pathways project I have met a lot of people, many artists/creative’s, so extending my network locally.
  • Through providing a focus for making that was a side step from my evolving practice, it has allowed time and space to think about my practice from a slightly different perspective and how it might develop.

Overall, I have found it to be a very rich experience and feel as though I have learned a lot during the time devoted to this project, and this has been made richer by the support and guidance I have received too.

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