Filling in the gap.

After making my submission for final assessment at the end of September for November assessment I have sat back a bit, spent time reflecting on what I have done and what I might do as I go forwards. I seem to have spent a lot of time sorting things out, discarding some things I had kept for years without a second thought, perhaps making space something new. I have picked up books that I acquired while studying but never got around to reading, and given them some time. I have even bought one or two new books!

During that time I have also made a number of visits to exhibitions that have grabbed my interest.

Sense of Place – As part of Somerset Arts Week, this exhibition created at Brean Down Fort, a National Trust property, by a group of artists who’s work reflected on it location and its history.

Louise Bourgeois – Turning Inwards An exhibition at Hauser and Wirth Somerset, along with the works of Alex Van Gelder – Mumbling beauty, with the introduction of H&W’s first ‘book lab’, a collection of small works, memorabilia and books relating to the artist and exhibition situated in a comfortable space with seating and an invitation to peruse the books.

Jerwood Drawing Prize Exhibition 2016 – Following the exhibitions launch in London, it has now started a tour to a number of venues around the country. In Nov/Dec it was at The Edge Gallery, Bath. I took the opportunity to visit the show again and interested to see how it would be curated differently.

Adela Breton: Ancient Mexico in Colour – This exhibition was showing at Bristol Museum and Art Galley and the work related to places in Mexico I had visited in my 20’s. She was there in the early 1900’s and made watercolour records, many of them life sized, of the decoration that covered much of the architecture, now mostly lost.

And now January is here I have set about ‘re-booting’, so lets see what happens….

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